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The Lakehouse Bakery

Meet Keegan

The Lakehouse Bakery Baking Items

Keegan and Granny

My Granny is at the heart of my love of baking. She planted the seed that would germinate and grow over the years into my dream of one day owning a bakery and spreading joy through a warm homemade cookie, pie, or cake.

Keegan Rodgers and Granny
Keegan Rodgers and Granny

In the Community

The Lakehouse Bakery Spatula

The Lakehouse Bakery proudly supports our local community in a variety of ways. 

🍞 We donate over 500 loaves of bread to Faith in Action annually.

We make Gingerbread Kits annually for the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce to distribute during Hometown Holidays.

☕We donate cups of hot cocoa (made with real Belgian chocolate and cream) at the annual Chelsea Hometown Holidays Tree lighting ceremony.

We make donations throughout the year to various community groups and organizations depending on needs. Some of our contributions include:

Gift Certificates for our Hand on Classes and baked goods to local charities.

🍪Cookies for the Stockbridge Senior Center grand opening

🍽️Lunches for the Covid unit and ER department at St. Joseph hospital in Chelsea

  🥣Mixing bowls and rubber spatulas to Independence Hall at Chelsea High School for their fundraising efforts

The Lakehouse Bakery Mr. Gold Dot

Mr Gold Dot

One tradition surrounded the specific use of Granny’s unique cookie jar we playfully referred to as Mr. Gold Dot. This special vessel was for the chocolate chippers only! Mr. Gold Dot made appearances at Christmas or for very special events.  


There are so many stories I could tell about baking, but my true inspiration for what paved the way for The Lakehouse Bakery you see today all began with my Gran. 

Cookie Cut Out

Christmas Memories

My sister, Granny, and I would start making Christmas cookies early in December on a Saturday.  We’d make decorated sugar cookies, pecan sandies, date pinwheels, chocolate chip, and peanut butter thumbprint cookies with a Hershey's kiss on the top. 


I recall making hundreds of each cookie and when they cooled, we put wax paper in Dutch cookie tins and filled them up. We gave the tins to extended family and neighbors all over Gibraltar. The floury mess we created all over Granny's table when we made the decorated cookies was a sight to see!

Her cookie cutters were very old (even then) and I still have them. There are Santa shapes, stockings, big round circles that we made into ornaments, a Christmas tree, snowflakes, snowmen, and gingerbread people shapes too.  

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